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Pocket MBA

Pocket MBA

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Pocket MBA

Our Complete Library Pass allows you to obtain all of our publications (1,000+ publications and counting) along with any new publications for an entire year.

The Complete Library Pass can be obtained for the low price of $49.99 at the following links.

Complete Library Pass Palm Edition

Complete Library Pass Pocket PC Edition

Pocket MBA is a powerful 100 volume collection of strategies on success in sales and business. Whether you are a CEO or plan to be one in the future this collection is for you. The collection contains strategy papers from some of the following topics:

Time: Make every tick count
Diplomat with a bag
Why not negotiate?
How to be bigger and better than you really are
Selling@net speed
Acquiring positive word of mouth
Common cents: turning costly assumptions into selling opportunities
Are you ready to take the plunge?  Presenting your solutions to senior executives
Making sense out of buyer behavior in a wired world
How much real value do you bring to your customers?
The six principles of account maximization
To ask or not to ask
?Tis the selling season
How to Find Your Zone Of Optimum Personal Velocity
Improving interpersonal communication
Pilot Vision
How do you come across to others?
Earn more money and lead a simpler life
How titans beat "quota goals" and keep growing
Sales strategy, web strategy: Part IV
Do you have your customer’s time and attention?
Does your body language stop a sales presentation before it
Lessons From The Game Of Golf
How To Listen Your Way To More Sales
Sales strategy, web strategy... adding value to the process
25 tips for becoming a top performer: how to close more sales
Referrals: the sales professional’s best friend
The three traits of all super sales professionals
Negotiating the price you deserve: the salesperson’s dilemma
How to get qualified prospects lining up to await your call
How Do Your Customers Make Decisions?
Technology: Keep it in check
Master The Art of Asking Questions
Win/Loss Reviews: More than an activity-- It’s a mindset!
How important is trust in making a sale?
The "Dr. J" Principle
The end of the sales slump
The remaking of the distribution chain: Is there a future for the middleman?
Commitment vs. Compliance
Turn clients’ challenges into business opportunities
Stop vomiting on your customers!
AIDA lacks credibility
You can’t sell anything if you can’t sell yourself
Taking out the trash?Getting Rid of Business Nonsense
Everybody’s the CEO
Reflective listening ? or how to speak German in a day
Drop their defensive position: using the phone to get the decision maker
The Quicker Selling System
Stringing the pearls
The Myth of Persistence
Strategic Horoscope
Sales strategy, web strategy
Sales strategy, web strategy: Part II
Sales strategy, web strategy: Part III
Sales Ethics: Oxymoron or Opportunity?
Sales Ethics: Oxymoron or Opportunity?
Are You a Great Business Developer?
Our prospect’s responsibility?a new perspective
Shhhhhhh: listen, really listen
Voice mail etiquette: the tool, the nightmare
You are your company: the only way to work
Semantics: they do matter
Become a sales professional: upgrade your personal software
Turning the tables on voice mail
Approaching arrogance
Selling everyone on the bottom line
Death of a Salesman
I’ve gotta ride with my rep
How To Avoid Sounding Pathetic excerpt from 47 Ways to Sell Smarter)
The Ten Commandments of Prospecting
Time vs. Results--Why not both?
Change the negotiator
Change the negotiator
It’s all about price?
How to Give a Group Presentation That Sells
What’s in it for you (that’s right, you)
Fix your @#%^! voice mail greeting
Would you hire you?
So Who’s Normal?
Realizing your millennium goals
Creating your sales mind: becoming a salesperson
Move up to selling
Move up to selling
Identifying your target market: those who buy what you make or do
You mean nothing
PART IV: If you’re line isn’t in the water, you can’t catch a fish
Approaching arrogance
PART V: High trust will get you to the inevitable roadblocks
PART VI: Behind the roadblocks
Coffee mugs are for closers
I Sell, Therefore I Am (an Entrepreneur)
Going international and making mistakes
Sizing up the competitive field
Different or differentiation?
You’ll always remember your first sales rep: Part I
You’ll always remember your first sales rep: Part II?the interview
You’ll always remember your first sales rep: Part lII?the hiring decision


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